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What should you do if you did not file a required FBAR form on time?

Should you file for Amnesty under one of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programs offered by the IRS? Or would you be better off doing a “Quiet Disclosure?” Some people are pushing the “Streamlined” procedure with minimal penalties. But will you qualify under any of the Amnesty Programs? And should you apply for amnesty when your request for OVDI or Streamlined amnesty status is always discretionary? There is no easy answer to any of these questions and the answer is different for different circumstances. There is no question that considerable risk is inherent in any decision that you make about late or unfiled FBARS.

Let us help you make the decision about how to approach your FBAR problem!

The new Streamlined program is underway. Should you opt for the original amnesty program or the Streamlined program? Or are you better off with another approach? Other options are still available to resolve FBAR violations. Our Santa Clara Valley law firm has been helping San Jose area taxpayers solve all of their tax problems for over 30 years. Our broad ranging experience in tax law gives us a rare perspective and unequalled experience in both the civil penalties and the criminal implications of FBAR violations.

If you want honest advice from an experienced tax attorney on one of the most serious tax violations in modern times, come see us! We won't try to scare you, we just want to help. Our firm has handled and solved many other cases like yours. We offer personalized FBAR help at reasonable rates. Our firm has the skills and experience to really solve your FBAR problem with the least potential risk of criminal prosecution and civil penalties.

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We offer a special reduced rate initial consultation for all new clients, so you can meet us and decide if our experience and recommendations are what you need. Come meet with us. Unlike most firms, we will give you our honest assessment and practical legal advice at the first meeting. We don't just listen and tell you that you need professional help! We give you the advice you need to decide how you should proceed in order to solve the problem.

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Qualifications and Experience of Our Lawyers

Our qualifications include:
  1. Long term experience in Voluntary Disclosure, FBAR and OVDI issues.
  2. Advice concerning IRS and FTB criminal investigation policies and procedures.
  3. Special skills in dealing with OVERDUE TAX DEBTS!
  4. 31 years of practical experience solving Foreign Reporting Tax Problems.
  5. Founding attorney has specialized degree in Tax Law from the best Tax Law School in the country - LL.M. (Taxation) conferred by New York University.
  6. 31 years of local experience dealing with the IRS, FTB, SBE and other tax agency personnel in our area. We are familiar with the local customs and practices within the local offices, as well as the National Standards and procedures.
  7. Extensive experience in FBAR issues currently being raised.
  8. Our many years of courtroom experience helps us to counsel you to avoid problems, so your issues may never end up before a judge.
  9. Longtime experience with Compromise of Tax Liabilities.
  10. 31 Years Experience Abating Tax Penalties and Interest.

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  • *Independent surveys conducted by San Jose Magazine. Separate surveys compiled of clients and of Silicon Valley attorneys.
  • **Not valid for existing clients or for previous consultations. Discount applies to initial consultation (up to one hour). Please ask about rates for consultations exceeding one hour.
  • ***Certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

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